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Faces of TXGU: Brenden

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Shooting hoops, playing French horn, running track, careening around fields on an ATV—it’s all just a typical week for Brenden, a rather busy freshman TXGU’er from Lufkin. This future physical therapist also manages to squeeze in AP classes and quality bonding time with his mentor. Watch the video to get to know the guy who’s as inspiring as he is laid-back. (And we haven’t even mentioned his boxing grandpa yet…)

  • Abraham Alvarz

    I think this is cool how Brenden is working hard to prepare for college. It takes a lot of effort to prepare something like this. This makes me wanting to think ahead for m future.
  • sveva munneke

    I think it's good that he knows what he wants to do when he grows older, because when most people enter collage they have no clue what they want
  • no name

    wowie so cool

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