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How I Got Here: Dianey

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Your parents are probably pretty big fans of yours. So while they may be stoked about the idea of you going to college, they might not be so into you going to a college far from home. That was the deal with Dianey’s parents, who were NOT happy about her leaving south Texas for school in Austin—they even said she could only leave the Valley if she got full funding for college. Well, she made it happen, and then she later went even further away to get her master’s degree at Texas A&M. Watch Dianey’s story to hear how her mom and dad handled it all…

  • Johan Mendoza

    Leaving your parents to go off to college can be really hard to get through...Many individuals will no be ready to leave’ve been looking forward to this moment your entire high school life; for some of you, perhaps even since earlier. Getting far away from home will give you a new perspective and a place that is quintessentially yours. Advice: Only the weak give up, you are amazing, remember that.
  • Lizeth Rodriguez

    I'm one of those people who have debated going to college just for the sheer fact my family needs me. They need to grow up along with me though so that's why I'm going to college. I know it will be hard but it's necessary.
  • Erick Ramos Lara

    Her parents must be really grateful of her motivation to keep on going and finishing off college.
  • Brianna Rincon

    I feel like it is hard leaving home and going to college on your own. But sometimes it is for the best to do things for a better future. You will always have a choice on doing things to be a better you or to just give up.
  • Kevin Ramirez

    It's nice to see someone graduate from collage, I like that we we're taken through the whole week of her graduation.
  • Jocelyn Rodriguez

    My parents and me aren't he type of people who don't care and just want to see me graduate and leave their house and want me to give them money later on.
  • Soledad Roque

    Leaving your parents to go off to college can be really hard. Especially if you have a close relationship with your parents. But later on you'll get used to it and would see the positive side about it and would be proud that you made that decision. We can see that Dianey's decision in leaving was the best decision she had made to accomplish her goals and her parents then realized it was for her best.
  • Hierian Rice

    It was nice, I like that she actually went to college and finished. I like that we were able to see the graduation process.
  • jeff

    hi dianey
  • david estrada

    you are awsome

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