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How I Got Here: Lemnique

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Dreams don’t have limits (not even the sky—ask an astronaut), but they do come with requirements a whole lot of the time. Lemnique’s lifelong passion for our furry, finny, and feathery friends is what drove her to pursue becoming a veterinarian. She knew that the first step toward making her dream real was college. And she learned quickly that when you’ve got two rounds of postsecondary education between you and your life’s calling, you’d better be ready to bring it.

Let Lemnique tell you herself all about how she made her way through college, vet school, and into the career she’d planned on since roughly the time she was really, really, really into crayons. And consider yourself warned that there were also a lot of cute animals involved in the making of this video. Some ‘awwww’ing may occur.

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