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Created By: XAP

Audience: 7th-12th-grade students, parents, educators

Big Picture: The site’s all about the three big college admissions tests: SAT, ACT, and GRE. You’ll most likely be taking at least one of them, and with a free sign-up, will help you prepare—courtesy of lots of study guides and practice tests that are customized for you and your learning style.

How It Helps You: Not only is it free, but the test prep is really good—stuff you’d have to pay a lot for elsewhere. Study at your own pace, and pick back up whenever you want.

Must-Use: The Vocabulary Builder is a great resource, even if you’re years away from taking one of the big tests. Use it to help you do better in English class—because even though the test scores are important, your grades are even more so.

Parent-Friendliness: The Are You Helping Someone in Test Prep? section will not only give your folks tools so they can help you study, but they can also get certified to be a test coach for any student in your school.

Protip: To get a feel for what these standardized tests will be like, we encourage you to take any of the site’s tutorials first—they’re ten-question sample quizzes that will let you know which subjects you could use the most help with.