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Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino Students


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Audience: Students and parents

Big Picture: It’s a pretty huge page of financial aid resources just for Hispanic and Latino students, with tons of quality links and up-to-date info. Want the inside track on things like DACA or opportunities for young women to pay for college? Then you’ve come to the right place. And bonus—you can view the whole thing in either English or Spanish.

How It Helps You: If you’re Hispanic or Latino, you’ll appreciate a kind of one-stop shop where you can get help with applying for scholarships specifically aimed at your demographic. And it’s essentially one page, so navigation is pretty easy. 

Must-Use: Might as well go right to the General Scholarships for Hispanic Students section, which is an excellent list of qualified programs—and if you fit the criteria, do yourself a favor by applying to all of them.

Parent-Friendliness: There’s a Scholarship Basics section that’s easy enough for you and your parents to read through together. That way everyone can be on the same page regarding the work involved in applying for financial aid.

Protip: You should just think of the site as a resource for other resources—it’s got a lot of links to a lot of great college aid websites, and none is better than the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, which can be found under Additional Resources.