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Texas Guaranteed


Created By: Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation

Audience: 7th-12th-grade students, parents

Big Picture: Most likely, you’re going to need money for college, and the Texas Guaranteed website has got you covered. You’ll find lots of info on loan options and grant and scholarship opportunities, with calculators and other interactive tools to help figure out how much you’ll be paying now and after college.

How It Helps You: There tends to be a lot of info to wade through when it comes to financial aid, so the TG website makes it easier with a clean interface, casual language, and pretty intuitive navigation.

Must-Use: Get the facts by checking out the About Student Loans section—it’s an easy-to-read walkthrough of what exactly it means to get a student loan, what the different options are, and what some good next steps are for you (and your parents).

Parent-Friendliness: Your parents might like the online chat feature—it’s pretty fast and convenient, and also means they don’t have to bug you for answers to their questions.

Protip: This resource is a companion to Adventures in Education, so many of the links will send you to that site. We recommend that you go ahead and spend some time on the AIE site first to help you figure out what career you want and what schools you should apply to.