Student Hub



Created By: The College Board

Audience: 7th-12th-grade students

Big Picture: You’re not alone—thousands of students all over the country want a college education and a good career, and this site shares a lot of their stories with you. You’ll also get helpful facts and stats about college, tuition, and the job market, all laid out with cool graphics, video, and animation.

How It Helps You: With the right motivation, you can accomplish anything (even acing that upcoming English test). YouCanGo! gives you that motivation by not only sharing other students’ success stories with you, but also getting you pumped for what’s waiting for you after college.

Must-Use: Are there good universities in your area? You can figure it out using the Find Nearby Colleges section—just plug in a zip code, and get an interactive map showing which schools are not too far away.

Parent-Friendliness: Sometimes, parents just don’t understand. Well, encourage them to step into your shoes and search this site as a hopeful kid looking to have a great life. We think they’ll be into the flow, design, and stories just as much as you.

Protip: The site is designed to, basically, tell you a story—the story of how to get into college and what it can do for you. So, we recommend surfing through it by following left-to-right “flow” for maximum effect: Start on the left with Why Go? and then visit each new section to the right in sequence.