Hide & Seek

“Found ya!” It's the dreaded two words you used to hear when you played hide-and-seek. And once your cover was blown, you were stuck searching for the next person. A fun task, but also pretty frustrating (if your friends are experts like ours were), making you wish you could clearly see where your friends were hiding. Unfortunately, many students feel just as lost when it comes to finances, but—good news—we found some tips to help you shape-up fiscally before freshman year.

Whether creating a budget or building your credit, spending time learning how to adult now is going to put you way ahead of your peers in college. Trust us. We know just how difficult it can be to adapt to newfound independence, so it's super-important to start prepping for those extra, unplanned expenses today. And even though you might feel lost now, once you start to understand how to make your money work you'll definitely find some peace of mind.