Ride of Your Life

We don't know about you, but getting left out is a pretty crummy feeling. Maybe it was the time you weren't tall enough to ride the coolest roller coaster in the amusement park, or maybe it was the time you were picked last for a team project. Regardless, it was a total bummer to see other people experiencing the thrills while you were stuck watching from the sidelines. Unfortunately, many undocumented students feel that applying to college is a rollercoaster ride—and not one of the fun ones either. But that shouldn't stop anyone from 'DREAM'ing, especially since applying to college as an undocumented student is far from impossible.

Sure, there may be a few extra barriers, but talking with admissions departments can seriously lessen the climb. A great academic record or a really powerful admission essay can totally help too. So get buckled in, because college is about to be the biggest—and best—ride of your life.