Worth Every Penny

Remember when you saw a shiny new toy as a kid? The one you wanted more than anything? You’d rush home after school to add a few more cents to your piggy bank until the day came when you had enough to claim your reward. And when you finally got your new toy, it was the best feeling in the world! That's because you knew how much it cost and saved up the money, but are you doing the same when it comes to college? If not, now's a great time to start because, like it or not, the real cost of college is going to be more than just tuition and fees.

Depending on the type of school you choose (for example, private vs. public), the amounts you pay will vary. Keep in mind most schools don't factor in things like books, miscellaneous expenses, or possible grant and loan money in to the total cost—you'll have to do that yourself. Thankfully, our TXGU guide to understanding college costs can help you calculate the real price you'll need to plan on paying. But don't let the overall costs scare you. Over the next few weeks we'll show you that there's plenty of ways to help pay for college—and you can take that to the bank!