Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Whoever said you can’t do it all has clearly never met TXGU'er Alexis. This Temple High freshman has boundless energy and curiosity—and she puts to good use basically all the time. Alexis is living proof that getting involved at school can make learning actually fun (for real) and help you grow as a person. Extracurricular activities are an awesome way to stand out to colleges, plus you can hone your mad social skills and awaken interests you didn’t even know you had. Protip: All the experiences you're going through right now will inform who you'll become, so this isn't exactly the time to phone it in.

As a member of a special-needs family, Alexis has had to grow up pretty fast. But she doesn’t let this get her down—in fact, it motivates her to do more. In addition to crushing it in the classroom, her participation in clubs feeds a different part of her way-curious brain. ROTC has shown her the value of service and duty. Volleyball stokes her competitive flame. Theater combines her creative nature and future-engineer's spirit. But don't just take our word for it. Check out her "Faces of TXGU" video in The Hub to see what it really looks like to work hard and play hard.