Preparing for Takeoff

What does it feel like when you’re truly activated? Think about those moments when you’re firing on all cylinders and you feel unstoppable. What got you there? What was feeding your fire? That feeling is exactly how TXGU'er Gaspar must feel on a daily basis. That's the only way to explain how somebody like him can be such a rock star when it comes to reaching his goals. Seriously, this guy makes overachievers look lazy. We don’t know where he gets the energy, but somehow he basically figured out how to live two lives at the same time.

See what we’re talking about in the latest “Faces of TXGU” video over at The Hub. Gaspar’s story will show you how your future success can start right now. While still in school, this kid has taken advantage of distance classes online to earn an associate’s degree in college. Yep, you read correctly. He’ll graduate high school with a two-year associate's degree under his belt. Didn't we tell told you this guy was awesome? (That's why you should always believe us, people.) As you learn more about his story, pay attention to how one passion feeds another. His interest in rocketry fed his interest in robotics, and both of those interests led him to go after a career in curing the world of deadly diseases. He's living proof that all of us just need to find that little spark to launch our dreams.