Who Are You?

If you had to write a story about your life, how would it read? Where do you start? What do you say? How do you say it? If this were a screenplay, who would you cast to play you? Are you more like Anna Kendrick or Seth Rogen? Just answering those questions can take a ton of time. College admission essays are unique in that it’s probably the first time you’ll have to craft a narrative of who you are as a person. There may be a prompt to get you started, like explaining a situation where you had to solve a big problem, or telling them about why you’re interested in a certain field of study. But ultimately, this is about creating the story of you. And highlighting your ridiculous amounts of awesome, obviously. 

Check out these five tips to make your college essay unforgettable. Major bonus: They'll make your writing way easier. It’s important to get your mind right in order to unlock your inner creativity. Do whatever it takes to get to your happy place. Eat a favorite food, take a walk, listen to some tunes…whatever. Once you’re in your zone, it’s time to create your story. Having a conversation with yourself may seem a bit strange, but just talking out loud is a fantastic way to get all those thoughts in your head out in the open. Then it’s all about outlining your story and polishing it so that it truly reflects what you’re all about and outshines the competition. Remember there may be a bunch of other people out there, but there is only one you.