You Be You

Spoiler: Throughout the next few years of your life, you’re going to experience a roller coaster of emotions and feelings. It’s called “growing up.” Everybody goes through it in their own unique way, and there's pretty much nothing you can do to stop it. Unless of course you're Peter Pan, in which case you should really be zipping through the night and not reading a blog post. The point is that during this time, you’re going to find out who you are and how to be totally fine with that.

Allison writes a blog about coming to grips with all the feels while studying abroad in France. Being in a place where she's still learning the language and culture could've left her in a lonely “woe is me” kind of funk. Instead she's embraced the unknown and learned to celebrate all the little wins along her journey. So during this period of massive changes, remember to take a moment to celebrate how fantastic your life really is. And when you get a chance feel free to rock out to your favorite tunes like Allison did.