You Go First

Being the first in your family to go to college can come with some unwanted pressure. Without a frame of reference or some kind of heads-up on what to expect, it can totally freak you out. We definitely get it. But there is another way to look at this. In fact, you may have a leg up on everybody else. At least that's what Cassidy Grom says in her blog post. She explains that there are actually plenty of perks for those out there who'll be the first in their household to set foot on a college campus.

What struck Cassidy most was when she was told she didn’t carry herself like a first-generation college student. This made her really examine what that was supposed to mean. She determined that there are way more advantages than disadvantages to the situation. Instead of flying blind, most first-gen college kids learn stuff like how to reach out for help, and they're wired to really enjoy learning. Skills like these only make college rock harder. And since you’re the one creating your future, there's a ton of freedom to be had. So fear not. The best part about exploring new territory is that the sky is the only limit. Not too shabby, right?