Fabulously Free

So you want to go to college, but when it comes time to crunch the numbers you realize it's going to be pretty expensive. Like a-new-car-a-year-for-four-years kind of expensive. But what if you could cut down on college costs and knock out some of the coursework while you're still in high school? It might seem too good to be true, but dual credit classes—classes you take in high school to earn college credit—can totally make it possible. If you're even the least bit worried about being able to afford college, these courses could be the extra help you need. Plus, you may just complete an entire year of college while you're getting your high school diploma. Seriously.

That's what happened to former TXGU’er Yarii. When she was still in high school, Yarii struggled to figure out ways to pay for her first semester of college—that is, until she spoke with her TXGU mentor and discovered the value of taking dual credit. So, how many college credits did she earn? How did she balance school and her social life? Find out in our latest TXGU “How I Got Here” videothen get ready to say "cheese" for your next school ID because you're about to save some serious cheddar.