Tackling Your College Choice

Before any play can begin in football, the ref has to spot where the ball lands on the field to set the line of scrimmage (for non-football freaks out there, that's where the players line up to start each play). Without this, there would be no progress in the game—honestly, it'd be pretty pointless. Kinda like how you must spot the right college before you can begin that next "play" in your life. But how can you know which school is the best fit when there are so many options?

Take it from Gabe—someone who knows all about football and choosing which college to attend—if you know what you want to do for a career, picking a place to go to school gets a whole lot easier. But Gabe didn't always know what he wanted to do. In fact, during high school, Gabe thought he would become a professional football player. Spoiler alert: that didn't happen. So, how did Gabe figure out which school was best for his goals? You'll have to check out the latest TXGU “How I Got Here” video and see. Trust us, it’s a touchdown.