Sweatin’ the Small Stuff


It’s always the little things that cause the biggest problems, isn’t it? At least that’s the case off the coast of India right now, where a disastrous amount of phytoplankton have taken over an area the size of Texas, causing the coast to not only look like smudgy fingerpainting, but also threatening the food chain in the area. Unlike most type of plankton, the only creatures that don’t mind eating this kind are sea salps and jellyfish, neither of which sound very tasty to anyone else. These phytoplankton, also known by the totally rad name Sea Sparkle, arrived because of the low oxygen levels in the water. 

Microbiologists and biochemists think that these low oxygen levels might have been caused over time sewage being dumped in the sea. Sound like an interesting gig? Check out these careers and others in our Discover You quiz, then maybe go earn your sea legs doing your part to save the environment.