Parent Spot

Navigating the world of college prep can be intimidating for everyone involved—including the families of college-bound kids. To help ease the confusion (and make life a little easier), we’ve created a customized collection of resources made especially for TXGU parents and families.

  • College Terms Cheat Sheet image

    College Terms Cheat Sheet

    A handy glossary of the most common college-prep phrases

    Brush up on your vocabulary for talking about all things college

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  • They’re Accepted! Now What? image

    They’re Accepted! Now What?

    Get ready with TXGU’s College Transition Guide for Parents

    Learn how you can support your student in that big first year of college

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  • All About the ACT/SAT Tests image

    All About the ACT/SAT Tests

    The must-know details about taking the college-entrance exams

    Learn how you can help your student do their best on the big tests

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  • Understanding College Loans image

    Understanding College Loans

    Cut through all the confusion surrounding college loans

    Learn how and when your family can consider education loans

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  • College Application Process image

    College Application Process

    An intro to how your student will actually apply to college

    Get ready to help motivate your teen during college application time

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  • What is Texas GEAR UP? image

    What is Texas GEAR UP?

    Get to know the program that’s making all the difference

    Learn more about how GEAR UP actually works

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  • Being an Advocate for Your Teen image

    Being an Advocate for Your Teen

    Tips for becoming your child’s biggest support

    Help your student get firmly on the path to success

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  • Get Involved with Texas GEAR UP image

    Get Involved with Texas GEAR UP

    A taste of the college-prep resources offered by TXGU

    See what GEAR UP is bringing to the kids of Texas

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  • Intro to Financial Aid image

    Intro to Financial Aid

    A big-picture overview of how to pay for college

    Learn how to access financial aid to cover college costs

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  • Letting Go image

    Letting Go

    Stories of parents coping with their kids leaving for college

    Get inspired by other parents’ experiences before you send off your college-bound teen

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  • College Life image

    College Life

    Glimpse at what college life is really like

    Get a peek at the freshman college experience in action

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