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Texas GEAR UP exists to help improve the future for your child—and that’s pretty great. But are you and your teen really taking full advantage of everything your school’s GEAR UP program has to offer? Watch this video for a taste of some of the truly invaluable resources GEAR UP is sharing with lucky kids (also known as future college students) all around the state. And be sure to ask your local GEAR UP coordinator if you see something you’d like to learn more about…

  • Tamika

    I am reading about funding sources for colleges. I am familiar with national sources. Where can I find local sources to help fund college expenses? Scholarship and grant opportunities are so competitive.
  • Texas GEAR UP

    Hi Tamika - You can find scholarship opportunities listed by college right here: We also recommend contacting the counselors at your or your child's school for more detailed information on local scholarships. They should have the full scoop on what would be available in your specific area. And if you need more help, feel free to drop us an email at -- we'll try to lend a hand however we can. Thanks for reaching out!
  • Leslie

    I was wondering where I can sign my teenager up for the overnight stay at a college the summer of 2018!
  • Texas GEAR UP

    Hi Leslie - There actually won't be an official Texas GEAR UP summer camp this year, but you should check with your teen's GEAR UP coordinator or school counselor to learn about other college visit options for this summer. Thanks for reaching out!

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