No Money? No Problem.

Many students have a dream of getting into and graduating from college (obviously, or we wouldn't be writing this blog post 😉). But when it comes to paying for that dream some students and their families are pretty hesitant. Despite the thousands of extremely qualified and deserving students looking to extend their education each year, a college degree doesn't always fit into everyone’s budget. Sure there are helpful options like student loans to ease the price tag, but going into debt is a hard pill to swallow.

But at least one school is changing the college-loan game. With a goal to make education more accessible from students of all backgrounds, Brown University bucked current trends and will soon begin replacing student loans with scholarships. How they were able to pull it off took some help from the community, but in just three short months Brown raised over $30 million—enough to kick-off the program in time for the 2018 academic year. And even though results from the experiment won't come to light for at least four years, it will be exciting to see how others schools might borrow from Brown's model.