The Way the Cookie Crumbles

As educators, we want to believe that our students will be given a fair shot at getting into college. Unfortunately, college admissions offices have a long history of carrying prejudices for ethnicity, lack of money, and whether a student is a legacy or not. Though change is slow, that doesn't mean all universities operate under the same M.O. And it's all the more reason to continue empowering students to conquer the norms of the college admissions process.

So what exactly are college admission officers looking for? As we're in the peak of college application season, it's important to remember that most universities still hold test scores, grades, and campus involvement as their top priorities for admitting students. This gives those who may have cards stacked against them a chance to prove themselves to admission officials. In the meantime, educators like ourselves can do our part not only to push students toward their goals, but also to raise awareness for the underrepresented minorities that deserve a fair and equal shot at sweet, sweet success.