Blinding You with Science?

The importance of absorbing STEM subjects can't really be overstated these days. Getting your TXGU'ers serious about how much being awesome at algebra is going to help them out is one of the best things you educators do (not that you love your future art majors any less). But for the uninclined, getting into the math and science assignments that are going to put them ahead in high school, college, and later life can be kind of an uphill struggle. That's a little physics pun...just to break up the gravity of the situation. Hey, jokes in motion, right? Okay, now we're done.

Point is, for those students who don't have the passion for geometry, biology, and other graphing-calculator-classes, it can help to have an extra-empathetic shoulder to lean on as they power on through—and what better way to get in touch with what they're facing than with a high school IQ test of sorts for you? Click on through and see if you can make the grade when it comes to the complex math and science topics your TXGU kids are pondering (or will soon be) day in and day out. There's nothing like jumping into a little refresher after all.