First-gen Problems


Who doesn't like being first at something? We idolize record setters and breakers, the pioneers, the innovators—and we encourage our TXGU kids to do the same. All the better to illustrate a good example to follow along with some life lessons, right? But when it comes to starting an upwardly mobile cycle of attending college in their families, some first-generation students can be left feeling a little overwhelmed and underprepped—and even ashamed at being surrounded by their multiple-generation peers. And just like the proverbial fish out of water can't survive for long, neither can these less-college-knowledgable pupils thrive in an environment where their own feelings are working against them at a time when they're expected to step up their game. 

But that's where we come in. Of course, this time by "we," we mean all of us here at TXGU HQ and all of you. Deal time? We'll keep bringing you and your kids the student help and awesome educator resources to keep everyone under the Texas GEAR UP umbrella nice and informed, and you all just keep reading, sharing, and being generally amazing at getting the next generation well prepared to rock through their next two (or three or four) degrees. No need for pinky swears, we know you've got this.