Bridging the Language Gap

When it comes to teaching English language learners, “tricky” doesn’t even begin to describe it. As educators you are more than familiar with these challenges. The language barrier is certainly the most obvious hurdle to overcome, but there are other cultural idiosyncrasies that make the job of preparing these students to be successful in the classroom. Thankfully, this blog post from Pearson offers up some fantastic strategies that you can share with TXGU parents. Employing these tips will help the transition to a new scholarly and social setting go much more smoothly. 

This advice is rooted in developing competencies beyond language and are meant to create a connection between the student, parent or caregiver, and the school they attend. For instance, parents are encouraged not to shy away from communicating in their native tongue. Additionally, finding unique settings to practice a new language will give the student a much clearer context. These days nearly 1 in 10 students are adapting to a new academic and cultural environment at the same time. With the right support, this transition can be impactful and a ton of fun for everybody.