Time to Get a Life

Students love to dream about their future. They can totally picture how their perfect life plays out. They’ve got a sweet place to live, an awesome energy-efficient-yet-totally-sporty car, and maybe they become the star of a cat video that goes viral. The good life. But do they have a college degree or not? How are they paying their bills? What about stuff like gas, insurance, food? This is usually the part where the student says, “ Don’t spoil my dream. I’ll figure it all out.” Well, now they can figure it out AND have a good time doing it.

TXGU's Get a Life game allows your students to look at real life through the eyes of a college grad and non-college grad. Oh, and it's basically a blast to play. Originally created by our friends at Fairmont State GEAR UP in West Virginia, the game was adapted for Texas dwellers by TXGU—and you can actually watch a video of Somerset High kids taking the game for a test spin. Making a practice run at life has never been more fun. You can download all the game elements for free right now in the Extra Credit section. And if you have any suggested tweaks, ideas, or feedback, definitely let us know! We’d love to hear how the game is played in your neck of the woods.