Finding The One

Having a healthy relationship with studying is crucial for any student’s success. But some prefer to go the rebellious route with their studying—waiting last minute to cram information for a test. Unfortunately, all that information doesn’t exactly stick around after the test is done. While students might think they know what studying habits are best for them, many aren’t aware that their relationship with studying is actually worsening their chances at top scores.

If you want your students to take test prep seriously, there are some habits they’ll likely need to kick. While squeezing a semester’s worth of information into their brain the night before their final exam might seem fine to them, it can negatively affect how they perform—both now and in the future. It’s never too early to change a student’s study habits, especially when there are so many ways to study smarter. From planning ahead with a study schedule to actively quizzing themselves each week, a healthy relationship with studying has never been easier.