Get in Gear This New Year

Here we are again, on the tail end of 2015, preparing ourselves—and our TXGU'ers—for a positively productive new year. As we all start to reflect on the year that was, most of us (92%, to be specific) will once again come to the realization that our resolutions didn't make it much more than a month. But that's okay, this year is going to be better! That's because we've found some great tips and tricks that are going to help you reach—and keep—those classroom goals for 2016. 

Maybe you've got some personal and professional resolutions already planned—that's awesome, congrats! But don't let another year get away from you. Now's the perfect time to start incorporating those resolution-keeping tactics, like taking into consideration the amount of time your resolution needs, setting short-term goals, and using your friends for support. Or maybe you'll want to try our favorite item from the list and start celebrating little victories along your journey—it's a really important component to assist with accomplishing long-term goals (just as long as it doesn't go against your intentions). And while it might seem a little self-indulgent now, putting yourself first can absolutely help your TXGU students to get ahead in 2016.