Membership Has Its Privileges

Giving back comes naturally to most of us during the holidays. It's a special time of year where the wants and needs of others are often put before our own. But for Project ReACH's GEAR UP Club at Alpine High School, the season for caring lasts year-round. Taking a unique approach to college prep, TXGU'ers participating in GEAR UP Club learn the value of lending a hand through their hard work and community outreach—like organizing, staging, and working a school-wide dance—all while simultaneously saving money for college.

In the latest "Texas GEAR UP in Action" video, watch how Project ReACH's GEAR UP Club gives teens a sense of purpose through community engagement. Whether it's crafting cards to congratulate fellow classmates for completing a test or hosting a local carwash to raise money for their college savings accounts, GEAR UP Club students are helping their future by helping others. Everybody wins! To see how else GEAR UP Club is supporting its members (and to watch even more "Texas GEAR UP in Action" videos), head on over to the Toolbox.