Good News and Bad News

Your students have grown up in a mega-information age. New content hits the Internet every day vying for our attention. As an educator, you have the task of making sure your TXGU'ers know how to tell fact from fiction and actual stories from click bait. Good luck with all of that... But fear not, it isn’t impossible. The solution is simply employing a sound strategy, along with sharing some critical-thinking skills with your kids. With the right approach, your students will be able to look at information and question it before believing it. 

This article from Edudemic offers up some great tactics that'll make all the difference in how your TXGU students process information from the web. There are even some classroom exercises you can do together to drive the point home. Teach your kids the difference between and .com and a .gov site. Explore the meaning of bias in information, and train your students how to check the credibility of one source over another. Bonus: This skill will only help them well into the future when information is beamed directly to their brain (we're guessing.) It’s a whirlwind of content out there, but with a solid approach, sorting it all out will be easy breezy.