Grammar Myths Busted

In this digital age, the written and spoken word appear to be in great peril. If you're like us, you proofread your emails, text messages, and social media posts before sending. Likewise, when we read emails, texts, and social posts that have glaring grammar errors, we subconsciously reach for a red pen to mark up the screen. 

We do this to appear polished and show an impressive command of the English language. We do this because there are rules that we learned and keep top of mind when we do any form of writing—be it casual or professional. Could it possibly be that we're the ones in error? (The horror!) While reading this list of the latest rules from the Grammar Girl, you may also find yourself reaching for a red pen, only to put a cap on it. Share grammar's new normal with your TXGU students, because they'll surely thank you later.  (Spoiler: Rule #8 will make you mad at first, but then you’ll return to a calm understanding.)