The Power of Crowdsourcing

We live in the future. At least that’s how it feels as each new technology phenomenon finds its way to our classrooms in a New York nanosecond. The speed of this progress can make finding a real-world context for our content a real conundrum. So, how can we use all of this connectivity to not only create valuable content for our TXGU students, but context as well? The answer, according to one psychology professor, is crowdsourcing. 

When you hear the word “crowdsourcing,” it may evoke feelings of a pet project in need of funding, a new product seeking investors, or a charitable organization soliciting a donation. But as the article reminds us, crowdsourcing knowledge and information remains the crowning achievement of this new digital age. Crowdsourcing on a global scale opens up the possibility for students to even create their own content. Kids can in turn use their own lives and experiences to give it more meaning. Educators will no longer have to answer the once-inescapable question “How will I use this in the real world?” Instead it'll be the educators asking students “How would you use this in your world?”

Technology for the win!