Helping From The Sideline

Ask most students and they’ll tell you they hate taking tests—especially ones that can shape their future like the ACT or SAT. While these aren’t meant to scare them into a frenzy, both have a reputation for being a quite a bit more difficult than the typical classroom quiz. And because these tests can be so mentally draining, it’s important for parents to help cheer on their student along the way. Luckily, Texas GEAR UP has the tools parents need to help make that happen.

For most families, the best way to start is to help their student understand what type of test taker they are and compare the results against the SAT and ACT requirements. That way they can figure out which test is best for them—although they can always take both (and we definitely encourage it). But that's not all parents can do to help their teens prep for the test. Whether its collaborating with their kids to come up with a study schedule, helping them register for a test, or just cheering them on from start to finish, both educators and parents can play a huge part in helping their student score big. Just remember, it may require some studying of their own to understand the ins and outs of both tests.