A Shocking Transition

Chances are if you've got a student moving more than a few hours from home to go to school, they're going to experience a bit of culture shock. Sometimes it's as simple as getting used to cafeteria food or mapping out a new campus while other times it's as difficult as trying to figure out how to fit in or handle homesickness. While most students will eventually learn to deal with their transition to college in different ways, it’s helpful to start preparing them for the future now—just ask TXGU near peer Dorothy.

When South Texas native Dorothy traded in her slippers 👠👠 for some warm boots to go to school at Harvard she quickly found that her college experience wasn't quite what she hand in mind—you could even say it was (wait for it...) shocking. So instead of letting that get her down, she did something about it and is sharing what she's learned in the latest TXGU "How I Got Here" video. And be sure to check out the video's accompanying lesson plans if you're really wanting to drive the lesson home. Afterall, there really is no place like it. 

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