Ideal Conditions Yield Ideal Results

They say the whole world is a classroom, but what about your corner of the world? Are the conditions conducive to retaining information or major distraction? We’d all love to start from scratch and make the ideal learning environment for our TXGU students. And while that may not always be possible, luckily there are some very simple things you can do to make your space fertile ground for some serious brain growth.

In a new study examining classroom design and how it influences student achievement, there are some pretty interesting factors to consider in your room design. The type of lighting, acoustics, and temperature your TXGU'ers must perform in all have a significant impact on their ability to do their best. Even posters and seemingly random objects on display can have a positive or negative impact. Basically, you'll want to consider just about everything when it comes to the environment you fashion for your students. Their success may depend on it. (No pressure, right?)