Lean On Me

Every new school year brings new challenges. Beyond managing your workload and keeping tabs on all the kids' progress, there is your professional development to consider as well. Growing as educators requires taking on new subjects that may be in your wheelhouse, but not necessarily in your comfort zone (if that makes any sense). With more emphasis being placed on STEM-based skills, some additional training may be required. It’s important to find the right support system to make those lessons stick. Such is the story of Kenneth and Curtis. Kenneth took on teaching AP classes that he was familiar with—but he wasn't entirely confident he could master the subject.

Enter Curtis. Curtis was a subject-matter expert with the National Math + Science Initiative (NMSI) who connected with Kenneth when it became clear that he needed help. This mentorship began at a NMSI summer program and continued throughout the school year. Kenneth went on to teach and learn with his AP students—all the while leaning on Curtis whenever he needed to. And Curtis was totally cool with it. It’s an outstanding example of how educators can have each other's back. So don’t hesitate to ask for help or offer it. We’re all in this together.