Real Face Time

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to make sure parents or guardians are involved in the education of our kids—as you well know. Countless studies show that children have a much better chance at overall success in life if they have a strong support system at home. If TXGU kids can go to a place where the lessons continue after the final bell rings, only great things can happen. Certainly every situation is unique, but having a solid plan for you and your TXGU parents to follow will take the guesswork out of how to make this connection.

To give you a little extra firepower, we hunted down some helpful tips and strategies you can use in your parent-engagement planning. It all starts with making parents feel welcomed and immediately recognized as a key member of their kid’s success team. Another big tip highlighted in the article is to reduce the amount of jargon and just talk to parents like a friend. Once you’ve got buy-in, regular and meaningful communication will really solidify this bond. And one other big theme here is transparency. Peeling back the curtain on their kids’ education makes a bright future much easier to see. Once you make a parent feel invested and welcomed, everybody wins.