Professional Career-Chasers

Holding the same job at the same company for years, even decades, used to be the norm for generations of working professionals. But as the old saying goes, "the only constant is change," and the reason why millennials seem to be bouncing from job to job—instead of sticking it out like their predecessors—seems to stem from the fact that they value their purpose in the workplace more than money. Kind of. While money still seems to motivate a great deal of young professionals, far too many of them cite seeing their parents treated poorly—like being let go when the going got tough—by companies who put profits over people. The new breed of workers want to feel good about what they do for a living, and if their current job isn't providing that, they have no problem leaving. You could say the unofficial mantra for these millennials is "work-life balance."

Understanding that this generation is the most immediate future of the current workforce, companies that want to retain their new hires are working hard to properly integrate them into the workplace. That's why many organizations are striving to improve on-boarding processes and corporate communication. But as educators to the future workforce, we can help make TXGU'ers more marketable by introducing them to the soft skills they not only need to survive, but also thrive, in today's professional environment. Because the more we can equip our students with the skills that are essential for them succeed, the more they'll be poised to find a job that truly fits their needs.