Matchmakers, Matchmakers

As educators, you've always got a whole lot on your plate. From helping TXGU'ers fill out financial aid forms to being a supportive listener and everything in between, there's pretty much nothing you wouldn't do to help make a kid's college dreams come true. And although that can be overwhelming, it's not hard to see how all your expertise and assistance is getting TXGU'ers to work harder than ever to make college a reality. But according to some recent studies, many low-income students with tons of potential are being under-matched—meaning that kids who could've gone to more intellectually-challenging schools will often end up at colleges that don't demand as much from them—when it comes to college. So why does that happen, and how can we make sure our TXGU'ers don't get under-matched?

According to the research, it seems the biggest factor for the phenomenon is that many educators are stretched too thin and unable to get to know a student as well as needed. But it appears the solution is fairly simple for such a complex issue. The more often educators can spend some face-time with students, getting to know their hopes, and aspirations, he better they can help guide college-bound students toward a school that fits them best.