The Create Outdoors

You know that old trope about kids staring out of the windows daydreaming during class, just wishing they were outside? Well, it turns out that may be one of the best places for them—especially for their brains. 

The University of Utah studied 56 people, getting them to go on an all-unplugged four-day hiking trip, while mapping their creativity with tests conducted before and after. The result? An average 20% score increase between control groups. Not bad for a few days of fresh air, right? Though the study used adults, it’s not hard to extrapolate from there the effects a nature outing now and again can have on developing minds. After all, if a tech-free vacation…er…scientific trip could shake the rust off of people starting to get set in their ways, just imagine what it could do for the younger brains we’re trying to keep flexible and ready to tackle a lifetime of creative challenges. Check out the research yourself, and then see if you can spend the rest of the day without dreaming about a camping trip. We dare you.