The Struggle is Real

As an educator, you know that no two students are exactly alike. But that isn't to say that patterns don't start to emerge—because they definitely do. One of those patterns that starts to show up early on is usually that of uncertainty and capriciousness from some students. You know, the ones you give somewhat simple homework assignments that never get completed (or maybe never even get started), because they're perhaps frozen by fear that they won't do well. And then there are others who have been coddled by well-meaning adults for so long that they've learned how to delegate the thinking to someone else—someone with all the answers. So, what to do when a TXGU student just literally can't even? Try one (or all) of these 28 tips to help motivate students and build determination.

Previously popular approaches to support students with rally cries like "give it all you got" never really seemed to have a long-term impact on motivation and drive to get stuff done (and get it done right). But with a few easy-to-implement steps, we can help our TXGU'ers prepare themselves for a lifelong journey of doing work that's often difficult and time-consuming—but oh-so rewarding. From fairly obvious (break large assignments into smaller, easier-to-handle one-offs) to interesting (telling students that good enough really is good enough), there are plenty of protips to get everyone engaged in their work and started making habits that'll help them succeed for the rest of their adult lives. Because as educators, when we see our students succeed, we all do. And who doesn't love a win-win?