Family Matters

Saying goodbye is never painless, even when it's for a good reason like going to college. But for TXGU families in GU2's Letting Go class, it's becoming a little easier. In our latest "Texas GEAR UP in Action" video, see how GU2's series of informative classes focuses on helping those who've never experienced having a loved one go to college understand what opportunities are available—and what pitfalls to avoid so students (and parents) can learn to succeed on their own. 

Because many TXGU parents have never experienced their son or daughter being away from home—let alone going to college—a lot of questions and uncertainties can start to arise. Empowering parents through knowledge, the Letting Go class works to address important issues and concerns like the true cost of college and important college prep events like ACT and SAT test dates. And when students and families have the opportunity to explore colleges and expose themselves to new places and cultures together, parents can find peace in knowing that letting go is only the beginning.