The Total Package

As educators, we spend countless hours prepping our TXGU'ers for tests, projects, and essays that help them build the skills they need to be successful in—and out of—college. But because the traditional method lacks an overall approach to student development, some critics argue this isn't the best way for our future workforce to learn. That's why schools like MetWest High School in Oakland, California are mixing students' outside interests with in-school subjects to create something that's beginning to show that whole-picture learning could be a great opportunity for students to grow in unexpected ways. 

Schools with programs that incorporate big-picture learning often match students with mentors and internships related to outside interests—things like mechanics or carpentry. Because these types of learning environments put kids into positions where they find direction, motivation, and responsibility, the relationships built and established during students' mentorships and internships are really starting to have a postive impact on their overall performance and path. With game-changing programs like these, it's easy to see that preparing students for college (and life, in general) means more than just getting good grades—it's a lifestyle.