Follow the Leader

We've all heard the phrase "leaders are born, not made," but we're pretty sure the folks at Moody High School in Waco would politely disagree. That's because over the past few years they've worked diligently to teach TXGU students the leadership skills they need not only to excel in college, but also in their careers. No, this isn't your typical student government association or Key Club—it's ESC Region 12 College Link's Youth Congress, and you can see how the grant's turning learners into leaders in our latest "Texas GEAR UP in Action" video.

Taking a big-picture approach when it comes to bolstering students' soft skills, the Youth Congress provides plenty of chances—like the annual Youth Congress conference and volunteer opportunities—for students to set themselves apart on college applications and future resumés. As one Youth Congress pupil so perfectly put it, the program enriches students by teaching them "how to control without being controlling," and other leadership tactics that are crucial in today's workforce. With all the fun these TXGU teens are having learning about leadership, it looks like being born a leader is actually pretty...boring.