Capital & The Capitol

Soon-to-be college graduate Angelica has made her way through higher education with a lot of grit and a complete and utter lack of interest. Sound odd? Well, go on and lower those eyebrows—we're talking lack of financial interest here. The subject of the new TXGU "How I Got Here" video not only put her nose to the grindstone in her high school years to make the grade—she also got to work on her scholarships. Lots and lots of scholarships. At a rate of filling out one application per week...that's at least four per month...but if you factor in semester breaks... We'll let you do the rest of the math on your own, but it all added up to her powering through political science with her schooling (books, housing, the works) not costing her a dime. We're pretty blown away. 

If you're interested in learning even more from one of our future senators (just a guess, just a guess), slide on over to her Toolbox page. Spoiler: There's more excellence at every turn.