Final Destination

For many TXGU'ers, it can feel like the road to college is dotted with a lot of tolls—particularly in the form of housing payments, meal plan packages, and tuition costs. After a while, it really starts to add up and students can definitely start to feel that attending a four-year university is a luxury they just can't afford. It definitely did for TXGU near-peer Joseph G. Once he got his diploma, the former high-school dropout knew a degree was the next step on his journey to personal success. With a part-time job and no significant savings, community college was looking like the stepping stone Joseph needed.

With our latest "How I Got Here" video and accompanying lesson plans, Joseph G. shares his inspirational story about how he found his way to success—and saved $20,000—by going to community college before heading to UT Austin. It wasn't long before the once-homeless teen was winning a "Most Outstanding Graduate" award and getting accepted into Harvard Law School. So while life in the fast line might get some of your students where they're headed a little bit quicker, Joseph G. shows that taking things slow can be just as rewarding.