On the Right Note

It's hard to argue that the soundscapes symphony orchestras create are anything short of beautiful. The complex ecosystem of strings and vibrations work together to tell a story that no single cello or french horn could convey on its own. And not unlike symphonies, when it comes to education it takes a lot of people—teachers, counselors, principals, and parents—to help prepare TXGU'ers for the future. So how can we ensure everyone's playing the right part? It might be as simple as finding new ways to get parents involved in TXGU'ers schools.

It's probably no surprise that parents are instrumental in their student's success, and in more ways than one. In fact, students whose parents are more involved with their school and homework tend to earn higher grades, miss less school, and improve their test scores. Unfortunately, language barriers and demanding jobs make it hard—but not impossible—for some families to be more involved. Luckily, this can be combatted by partnering with organizations and holding events outside of school in the communities where students live—like a weekend financial literacy workshop hosted by a local bank or credit union. Now, that's music to everybody's ears.