Gaming the System

Many of us have witnessed the transformative impact gamifying can have on learning, and the same can be said for some Texas GEAR UP State Grant students at Manor New Tech High School. These kids are starting to harness the power of games to develop their college and career goals in the school's extracoolicular gaming and media club, Wee Blue Beasties. To see how these talented teens are turning their hobbies into prospective careers, check our latest "Texas GEAR UP in Action" video.

From designers to coders and everything in between, there's something for everyone in Wee Blue Beasties. And the benefits of membership—which is open to all skill levels and interests, btw—go way beyond merely getting a glimpse into their prospective careers. Not only are these gamers gaining access to industry tricks, tips, and tools in the club, they're also developing leadership and other soft skills that are crucial to have in a professional environment. Once they're equipped with savvy like that, there's no way our TXGU'ers can lose.