Theoretically Impossible

Not so long ago, the idea of occupying two different places at the same time was thought to be scientifically impossible. But our guess is dual enrollment—or quantum physics, for that matter—didn’t exist back then. Now we're not saying that dual enrollment is rocket science, but for some students the idea of being in high school and in college at the same time is completely alien. That is, with exception to former TXGU'er Yarii. 

Saving both time and money, participating in dual enrollment helped Yarii academically advance light-years ahead of her peers. See how she started her college career as a sophomore in our latest "How I Got Here" video. And if you really want to double down on the experience, be sure to check out the video's accompanying lesson plans. Knocking out a year of college and saving a year's worth of tuition and fees? That's out of this world.