Unleashing the Power of Parents

As educators, you certainly know very well that in order to make the biggest impact on a child’s life, you definitely need parental support and involvement. Easier said than done, right? Well, the East Texas GEAR UP for Success team is trying a new approach to make it happen. And they found that the key to success is connecting parents directly with each other to share information, experiences, and issues. Then the whole community wins!

The latest installment of the “Texas GEAR UP In Action” video series shows how families in East Texas are banding together through the Parent2Parent program to learn about how their kids can get to college—and how the whole family can help make it happen. Once a group of parents become experts in the college-prep process, they then go out and educate their own friends and neighbors on the very same topics. Watch the video to see how a village truly can rally to raise a child, and head to the Toolbox for even more insight.